WCU Green Dot


WCU Green Dot, West Chester University


Create a logo for WCU Green Dot as well as graphics promoting the program.


Green Dot is a bystander intervention program that asks everyone to take action against sexual assault, stalking, and domestic or dating violence. A “green dot” refers to a single moment in time when someone uses their words or actions to make the community safer. "Red dots," in contrast, represent sexual assaults or other acts of power-based personal violence, or a choice to tolerate or perpetuate this violence.

Created graphics that merge the Green Dot community with West Chester University. Posters utilize a minimalistic call-to-action approach to further emphasize the importance of Green Dot as well as encourage students to research the cause.

WCU Green Dot Logo
WCU Green Dot Logo
WCU Green Dot Silhouette White
WCU Green Dot Silhouette Green
WCU Green Dot Tagline
WCU Green Dot Email Signature
WCU Green Dot Posters