Photo of myself
Photo of myself in Belize
Photo of myself at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hi there, I'm Michelle!


I'm a Web Designer from Pennsylvania, currently living in Concord, North Carolina. I have a background working with various companies, from small corporations to a public university. I began my design career working for Imagine ProCom, where I developed my skills in the basics of web design and coding. I continued to explore my abilities in college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Graphic Design.

My design aesthetic mixes classic art with an innovative style to create a modern twist on traditional design. I believe the elements of both styles combined are synergistic. Strategically, I identify and empathize with my audience when designing, in order to focus on speaking solely to them. I am passionate about everything from illustrations to UI/UX, and I thrive to learn every aspect of design.

The fun stuff

  • I have 3 cats, so no need to ask—yes, I am that crazy cat lady
  • I love Harry Potter, as you can see from the picture of me drinking butterbeer
  • I traveled to Belize during a winter semester in college
  • I am marrying my best friend in May 2019
  • I built this site myself (what?! so impressive!)
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